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If you think to cooperate with this campaign more and more, please advertise us!

Well, there are many ways you advertise in the world. But this is web based campaign. So we recommend "linking" with your website and ours.
If you have some websites, let's join us!

For each other's happinessList of supporters

We are making the list of supporters, which links our website.
Mutual Referrences will make Google to admit our websites' popularity.
Isn't it a good idea?

List of supporters

If you want your website to be shown on the list of supporters, please use a special URL,

"?re=ok" is to tell us "I want to be listed on the signature site!"
We seek the sign from accesslogs. So you don't need to inform your link.

By the way, we cannot accept to list some kinds of sites, such as membership sites, illegal sites, or adult sites.
In addition, if the link to our website is out of webmaster's intention (ex: posts on a board, comments on a weblog), we'll execute in the same way.


I wish here were such a kind person that gives us a banner from the tree "Post banners from here" on the "Board"...