Sorry, our original version of this website is written in Japanese and our translation still has a lot of problems. If you can help our translation, please contact to us.


Basic questions

Can I participate in this campaign if I don't have CHAO breeding game?
Yes. You can participate even if you don't know CHAO.
Is there an age limit?
No, we don't concern about it.
But, for the use of personal information, we recommend that minors should be permitted by his or her guardian.
How are you going to send signatures to SEGA?
We are going to send by mail when ample amount of signatures will be collected.
Normally, we should give them directly at some events. But we don't know well about them...

About Signature Form

How many times can I send my signature?
Of course once.
How should I do when the form says "too long!"
Limits of letters for each item are as follows.
Name: 100, Address: 300, Nickname: 50, Message: 1000.
If you have long long name or address, please ask our administrator. (
If you want to talk much about CHAO, please use Board.
Can I submit my signature with my smartphone, PDA or something?
Sorry, we haven't test this website with those equipments.
What is "encrypted transportation" (SSL)?
SSL protects your signature information communicating between you and our administrator.
Be careful! If your or his computer have some problems, such as viruses, SSL might not help your security.
Whenever I try to access to the Signature Form, it indicates errors or cautions on security.
The reliability of SSL is evaluated with two viewpoints: How difficult the encryption is and how reliable third parties certify the server.
Some applications don't trust our server's certificate.
If you want to use Signature Form with these applications, please reconsider its valuation basis and admit our website's SSL.
"Messages from the signers" doesn't reflect my signature.
Your signature will be reflected after our administrator make sure of your signature.
If website will have not changed for a week, there are some possible scenarioes.
  1. You submitted the signature message with this option, "deny presentation."
  2. Your signature included some errors and didn't be accepted.
  3. Our administrator is on a long trip and cannot update.
In a case of 1 or 2, resending your signature or contacting the administrator () will be a good solution.
In a case of 3, please refer to the Board and make sure if he've already informed.
I made a mistake in inputting my signature!
Please e-mail to and explain it in details. We'll revise.

About Advertising

What should I do when my website moves?
We are analyzing our website access daily.
But sometimes we cannnot follow your moving soon, so it's favorable for us to inform it by e-mail() or on the Board
What should I do when my name is changed?
We are constantly following such information as possible. But we are also waiting your notification.
Can I link to this campaign if I haven't sended my signature?
Whichever you are, we are welcome to your link!

Other questions

Is there anythings to do other than sending my signature?
Let your friends know about this, provided that you are not to be annoying.
It's a mystery that the administrator and webmanager are separated.
The role of the administrator is safekeeping of sended signatures with a responsibility. On the other hand, the webmanager is in charge of the management of this website and things related to advertising. So he can't answer any question about sended signatures.
These two person and other supporter's congress determines the campaign line.
I have another question I couldn't solve in this FAQ.

Flashing eyes

Please contact on the Board, or e-mail to .
Do you really mean this campaign?
We are serious.
All your base are belong to us
Sorry for my poor English skills.
In fact, I want someone to translate this campaign more accurately.