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New CHAO breeding game.
Development of A-Life from "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle."

If you sympathize with our claim, please submit your signature to us.
We are collecting signatures, and going to send them to SEGA.
We can make SEGA perceived the potential demand for CHAO breeding.

New consoles, we called "Next-gen", have a lot of features suited for CHAO: direct interaction, wireless internet connection, more CPU power...
With these hardware developments, new CHAO breeding never become a normal work.

Hero Fly CHAOAddress

This campaign is not only for us, but also SEGA and other game players which have never known CHAO.
Good games are eternal, and can provide for everyone.
We believe new CHAO must become one of a few instances of them.

Your signature will be power that encourage this campaign to step ahead.
Your courage will be a dream we have imagined.
Your message will be a story teller of how we love CHAO.

Flow of your signature

You can send your signature from "Signature Form" at the bottom of this page.
Sended signatures are merged by the administrator of this campaign, and after ample signatures are collected, he will send them to SEGA.

Personal information

Your signature includes your real name and address which is from country name to a street name. (*1)
You should pay attention for these personal information.
If you are under age, we recommend getting permission of your guardian.

We cannot compensate any person for damages.

Attachment of a message

You can send your nickname and a message for this campaign.
These massages are placed in this website if you want it.
(Placement may take a few days if the administrator is busy)


We cannnot accept lack of your signature information. In this case, we have no way to infrom it.
If you worry about this, please contact our administrator. ()

Signature Form

*1 ^
For example, if you lived in "123 Rooftop street, #456, Clock-Tower-City, Ciao-Region, Spagonia", you had to input "Rooftop street, Clock-Tower-City, Ciao-Region, Spagonia."