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For all people who love CHAO.

The first appearance of CHAO in the world was "Sonic Adventure", released on December 23, 1998 for Dreamcast.
With its depth and charm, CHAO soon became a popular character. The prosperity of the official BBS "CHAO BBS" also shows it true. (The number of its pages exceeded that of main games(*1))

It produced its own cultures and traditions, inherited by the present CHAO BBS.

Two years after "Sonic Adventure", "Sonic Adventure 2" was published on June 23, 2001. In this game, hero and dark CHAO appeared and CHAO fascinated wider at a stroke.

Furthermore, after half a year, changed the platform to Game Cube, "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" was put on sale on December 20, 2001. As they say "CHAO was most of its difference from Dreamcast", numerous kinds of new features are added. CHAO Karate, Black Market, connection with Game Boy Advance, download of rare CHAO at some events...

However, in my personal opinion, the most important point of the change of platform to Game Cube was that children who had only known Nintendo was caught by the infinite attraction of CHAO. (*2)
The members of this signature compaign was mostly constituted by the people who met CHAO on Game Cube for the first time.
In addition, I have seen a lot of people who met and is fascinated by CHAO on Game Cube.

That's why we want much more people to know CHAO's charms.

But, in the status quo, no CHAO breeding game including new features have been released for about five and a half years after "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle."
("Sonic Adventure DX", remake of "Sonic Adventure" for Game Cube, was released. But it had nothing new about CHAO breeding.)
On the other hand, many Sonic games have been released. And "CHAO BBS" have still flourished.

Why only CHAO was abandoned?

In order to break down this unreasonable situation, we dared to start a signature campaign.
The final purpose is "release of evoluted CHAO breeding game by SEGA and SonicTeam."

I don't think signatures will soon be collected or CHAO breeding game will soon be published.
So I want to settle down and tackle this slowly and carefully.
It may take more than two or three years.

But, as my personal opinion, it is less important if we can reach the goal or not.
Five years passed after "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle." Yet so many people still love CHAO and cooperated with this campaign. This fact is just a precious thing.
And I hope each one's love will touch SEGA and SonicTeam.

In conclusion, I say thanks to people who concerned my trivial words at a certain chat room, where this signature campaign started.

April 2, 2007 Hopstar

*1 ^
This is a story about Japanese BBSes. In English BBSes, the number of CHAO BBS's pages didn't exceed the total number of other two BBSes. However, it went over each of the others'.
*2 ^
It doesn't mean I hate Nintendo. Like many children, I had been fond of Pokémon and Kirby before I met CHAO, and still I love them.